The festival is held in 5 stages:

Stage 1. Preparatory.

Applications and films are accepted from December 2, 2019 to March 22, 2020.

Stage 2. Qualifying.

Submitted films will be selected until March 30, 2020

Stage 3. Evaluation by the jury of the Festival.

Stage 4. Online Festival

From July, 7 to July 12, 2020

Stage 5. Summing up and rewarding the winners of the Festival.

 July 11, 2020.


Nominations of the Festival:

  1. Best live action short film;
  2. Best Director;
  3. Best Actor up to 18 years;
  4. Best Actor from 18 years;
  5. Best Actress up to 18 years;
  6. Best Actress from 18 years;
  7. Best screenplay;
  8. Best cinematography;
  9. Best film editing;
  10. Best soundtrack;
  11. Best sound design;
  12. Best documentary short film;
  13. Best animated short film;
  14. Best music video;
  15. Best Russian film.

The competition program of the Festival in the nominations “Best live action short film” and “Best Director” is divided into two age categories:

⎯ 14-17 years old;

⎯ 18-25 years old.

The age category is assigned depending on the age of the director of the film at the beginning of the preparatory stage of the Festival (December 2, 2019).

The ceremonial announcement and awarding of the winners of the competitive program in each of the nominations will take place in one of the cinema theatres in Ufa.  Winners of the competition program are awarded with statuette, valuable prizes and diplomas of the Festival. Laureates are awarded with souvenirs and diplomas.

The winner of the competitive program in the age category of 18-25 years in the nomination “Best Film” receives a certificate for 50,000 rubles, 2nd place – a certificate for 30,000 rubles, 3rd place – a certificate for 20,000 rubles.

 The winner of the competition program in the age group of 14-17 years in the nomination “Best Film” receives a certificate for 30,000 rubles, 2nd place – a certificate for 20,000 rubles, 3rd place – a certificate for 10,000 rubles.

Anyone aged 14 to 25 years who are the authors (co-authors) of live action, documentary, musical and animated films, regardless of the country of residence, can take part in the Festival.

Films should not exceed 15 minutes.

Films in languages other than Russian must have English or Russian subtitles.

One director can present at the festival no more than one film.

The film must fully comply with the requirements for the competitive works of the participants of the Festival (See Rules&Terms).